Modern Magazines

Our readers are incredibly proud and passionate about where they live, our local magazines offer a sense of community and serve as an important ‘hub’ where locals can learn about their surroundings including your products and services.

Do not fall for the myth that ‘print’ is dead. In an age where the online space has a sea of digital ads, your local magazine has far less competition, enabling you to stand out from the crowd.

Advertising in reputable local magazines like ours allows local people to become familiar with your business, and in the long run encourages brand loyalty.

While digital ads come and go, print ads have staying power. Our magazines can be read countless times, and can be strategically places where viewership of your ad can be maximised.

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 How to book your advertising space

Would you like to have a chat about advertising in out magazine publications?

Contact Modern Magazines to discuss your requirements, book your advert or to ask any questions you may have

Inside The Magazines

Our magazines are placed directly in the hands of your local consumer through door to door distribution and are also avaliable at large retail outlets with high foot traffic

Here is a breakdown of what we put inside our magazines.

Business Directory Advertising

Over half of our magazine pages are dedicated to advertisers, and serve as a categorised local business director.

Regular Features

Interesting regluar features such as our stargazing pages offer a lifestyle element that provides a constand and engaged audience.

Original Content

Our original content includes ‘The Adventures of Daichi’, as well as out puzzle and games pages.

Community News

Because we are all about community, we dedicate some of our magazine to the local news and information from that area, like The Councillor’s Column.

Advert Sizes and Prices

We are dedicated to making your advert stand out and make your company well known in the local area.
We recommend at least three months advertising to make an impact and get the best returns.
The longer you are seen, the more you will get from you will get from advertising, so a smaller advert over a longer period of time may get you much more than one large advert.
Please call for a special price for several mags and multiple months. With free advert design, Facebook pages and the magazines online, we really do “take the strain out of your advertising campaign”.
Our pricing is per magazine (title) per month according to the advert size, however we offer incredible value with our 3-Month packages.
If you’re interested in advertising for a longer term, please get in touch with us via email or give us a call, so we can offer you the best value package for your business.

We offer discounts for bookings of multiple months and/or multiple magazines, just tell us your needs and we will work out a custom package to suit them

Full Page


1 Month: £135

3 Months: £375

Half Page


1 Month: £75

3 Months: £210

Half Page


1 Month: £75

3 Months: £210

Quarter Page


1 Month: £55

3 Months: £150

Eighth Page


1 Month: £35

3 Months: £90

Free Professional Designs*

*When you book and pay for your advertising space

Wanting to advertise, but don’t have a design yet? Don’t worry! Have your advert professionally designed by our team of experienced and creative designers.

We are able to:

– Take exsisting designs and adjust them into the correct format for our magazines

– Recreate business cards or flyers for use in our magazine

– Create your ad from scratch for you, based on your design brief

Tips on the ideal advert, from our design team:

A minimum of 40% imagery and a maximum or 60% text. Make sure any text isnt too small to read, usually 8-10px at a minumum

High resolution images and logos. Make sure nothing is pixelated or out of focus.

Prepare the 3x C’s you want to include in your advert. Content, Copy and Contact details.