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Local army veteran donates his compelling art in local charity sale to help fund much-needed research into a rare and unknown auto-immune condition called PBC – Primary Biliary Cholangitis.
Ex USA military man ‘Chris KB’ otherwise known in the art world, is showcasing and sharing his portraiture for the first time in his debut exhibition called ‘Standing Face to Face’ at the Unity Art Studios in Andover, Hampshire. The exhibition will highlight over 30 faces in a collection of more, for you to study and muse over a literal face to face experience when you visit the setting from 11th July through to the 1st August.

Each of Chris’s pieces are born from a place of reflection, contemplation and in many cases angst, pain and suffering. Chris suffers with PTSD from past traumas and the tragedy of war. Chris has sought refuge in his art as a form of self-care and therapy which helps him articulate his emotions and feelings when words and actions fail him. His creations are not only thought-provoking, dark and moving but also fun-loving, quirky, bright and vibrant.

Chris challenges you to see if you recognise any faces or perhaps you feel and see something of yourself in these emotive wall hangings. Who and what do you see, how do they inspire you or why have they moved you? You are invited to come and see for yourself when the exhibition opens this summer at Unity Art Studio in Andover.

Chris says: “I have been an artist for many years, not knowing if and when the time was right to release any of my collection, however sometimes there are no set rules, especially in art. So I find myself baring my soul in order to help others which feels completely the right time. Please do fly by to the gallery in the Chantry Centre and take a peek at my friends in the pictures. You may find more than you meant to and help a small charity along the way with a small purchase.”

The profits from any sales will be donated to the PBC Foundation which champions the research of finding a cure for the non-alcoholic liver disease. Robert Mitchell-Thain CEO of the PBC Foundation commented:

“We are super impressed and thrilled with Chris’s artwork and kind generosity to donate his art to generate more funds in the battle with this disease. The disease is a rare and developing auto-immune condition, and we are always keen to support and celebrate new ideas for fundraising. We hope that our community and yours can come together to make this a great success, not only to boost our funds for more medical research but also the awareness of this lesser known AI condition. Many people living with PBC are terribly affected by isolation and often feel unseen. This is genius, a creative way for patients and their experience to be literally seen by many. Here’s to a bright artist journey for Chris KB too!

If you are unable to attend the event this summer, then you can check out Chris’s shop at www.etsy.com/shop/ckbartwithoutrules to buy a loved one a unique gift or perhaps spoil yourself with some wall art that will always spark up a conversation at a party. Grab an affordable, one of, original slice of uniquely emotive artwork for yourself or consider giving as a gift, plus help a small charity to achieve more great things along the way.

To find out more on PBC visit:
www.pbcfoundation.org.uk and please remember to follow Unity Art Studios at

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