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The Rural Business of the Year award, sponsored by The Oak Smannell, celebrates a business that has not only thrived in a rural setting but also contributed to the economic and social fabric of the rural community. This can be through the provision of services or products, or employment or engagement opportunities. The winning business will have demonstrated resilience, innovation, and a strong connection to the unique challenges and opportunities of rural and community life.

Sue Rogers, owner, The Oak Smannell said, “The Oak is proud to be sponsoring the Rural Business of the Year award at the Test Valley Business Awards this year. At The Oak, we deeply value the unique character and resilience of rural businesses, which play an integral role in shaping the fabric of our local economy and community. We aim to shine a spotlight on the remarkable achievements and contributions of rural enterprises, showcasing their innovation, dedication, and commitment to excellence. We are honoured to be part of such an esteemed event that recognises and celebrates the outstanding businesses that enrich our rural landscape, and we look forward to congratulating the deserving winner.”

Katie Brooks, Chairman of the Test Valley Business Awards, said, “The Rural Business of the Year award gives recognition to businesses operating across the rural sector, acknowledging the breadth and depth of opportunity presented by the Great British countryside. Our winner will have to demonstrate positive impact on the local rural community in which they operate and innovation and adaptability to rural challenges including appropriate use of available grants and subsidies. We’re excited that The Oak Smannell have decided to sponsor this category as a new partner this year”.

To nominate visit our website www.tvbawards.org.uk and follow us on social media www.linkedin.com/in/tvbawards/ or www.facebook.com/tvbawardsuk

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