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So why choose print advertising?

Well, for a start, print advertising is one of the earliest and longest
established methods of promoting what you have to offer to your
potential customers. But wait, doesn’t the digitalisation of society
mean that print advertising is dead? Digital advertising is, of course
effective and efficient but print advertising remains a strong
competitor in the marketing sector. In fact, it’s beginning to make a
resurgence in 2023 as advertisers recognise the unique advantages it
has to offer. When combined, the synergy of the two forms of
advertising creates a powerful marketing campaign, a must for any

So, here’s why print advertising is far from dead:

A recent study found print readers tend to spend around 20 minutes or
more with a publication. Compare this with the average time spent
browsing a website at just 15 seconds before clicking away to another
page, such is the instantaneous nature of the internet. Information
overload due to the overwhelming choice available online means
digital ads can be easily ignored or overlooked. By contrast, a print
advert is tangible, it won’t suffer from distracting pop ups or
notifications and cannot be clicked away.

With the overwhelming amount of information on the internet there
also comes the risk of dodgy adverts and scams. So how can a potential
customer feel sure of the validity of a digital ad? The physical nature of
a print advertisement enhances its credibility. Especially when featured
in a medium familiar to customers, such as a magazine they regularly
read, making it seem far more reliable than a pop up or banner online.

The direct distribution of print media allows businesses to target
customers based on their location, introducing their product or service
to customers more likely to engage with local businesses. Getting a
good name in the community leads to word-of-mouth
recommendations, basically free advertising. This a fantastic way to
build brand recognition and community relationships amongst local

Great return on investment
Digital advertising is certainly cheap however it is challenging to
measure the engagement you are achieving, and it is likely only a small
percentage of consumers will click to investigate your advert further.
However, the committed readership assigned to print mediums means
that though you are targeting a smaller audience, tailoring your ad
based on readers buying behaviour means you’re more likely to be
noticed. Moreover, magazines are often kept so readership figures are
generally far higher than you may think. So, when analysing your actual
ROI, you may find its much better with print.

But finally, don’t forget digital!
We have explored the wonders of print advertising however businesses
can benefit from the synergy of both print and digital marketing.
Digital platforms can be credited for cost efficiency, global reach and
measurable results and therefore merging the marketing methods
allows you to broaden your advertising efforts to those that may be
missed if just one medium is used.

For effective advertising, think print

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