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Effective Call-To-Action (CTA) Strategies for Print Ads


What is CTA

A call to action (CTA) in marketing signifies the desired next step a marketer urges their audience to take, potentially leading to direct sales. This could involve prompting the reader to click the buy button for an immediate purchase or steering them towards becoming a consumer of the company’s goods or services. An effective CTA is obvious and guides the audience to immediately take action that aligns with the company’s goals.


Generating effective CTA


Clear and concise language

Use simplistic and concise language that leaves no room for confusion. Clearly outline the specific action you desire from the reader, whether it involves making a purchase, visiting a website, or reaching out to your business.


Command verbs

Embed strong action verbs to encourage immediate engagement. For example, phrases like “subscribe today,” “buy now” or “discover more” inspire a sense of action, generating reader participation.


Highlight benefits

Clearly highlight the benefits or value the consumer can gain by engaging with the CTA. These could be special offers, discounts or limited time pricing, the goal is to make the CTA exciting and attractive for the consumer.


Create a sense of urgency

Incorporate language that is sensitive to time to encourage prompt responses. Words that create a sense of urgency in readers, such as “Limited-time offer,” “Act now,” or “Don’t miss out,” encourage them to take immediate action.


Visible Placement

Make sure the CTA is positioned within the advertisement in a visible manner. Make it stand out right away, whether it’s at the bottom, highlighted with a border, or coloured in a contrasting hue, make it noticeable to command immediate attention.



Tailor a call to action that appeals to your intended audience. Utilising personalised language can make the reader feel as though the offer is created just for them and their needs encouraging engagement.

Implementing these techniques and strategies for effective CTA means businesses can enhance the efficiency of their print/digital ads, encouraging the desired response from their target audience.

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