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Sir David Attenborough’s message to World Land Trust (WLT) supporters

WLT has long recognised the role that conservation can play in locking up carbon from the atmosphere and has over the past 30 years, been pioneering projects to protect tropical ecosystems, particularly forests, which are a primary defence against climate change. But these ecosystems are struggling to survive when faced with the rapidly rising world temperature.

Evolution cannot keep up, leaving many of the planet’s animals and plants on the precipice of extinction. So something drastic must happen.

Sir David is under no illusion – there isn’t an easy way forward, and people’s lifestyles will need to change. But he also believes that failing to tackle climate change will bring social unrest and more social migration as a result of the climate impacts.

You can make a difference and help tackle climate change by contributing to World Land Trust appeals. Our Carbon Balanced programme enables you to calculate and offset your emissions, reducing your impact on the natural world.

You can find a link to the video at:

For the last 6 months, we have been printing our magazines on 65gsm carbon balanced paper stock.
Here are the figures, based on 23.24 tonnes of carbon emissions reduced:

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