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The Parish Council manages and maintains several forested areas and recreation grounds situated within the St Leonards and St Ives Parish Boundary. These areas are provided and maintained so that they can be used by residents for their recreation and enjoyment. It is very important that they remain in a condition that allows them to be accessed easily and used safely. The Parish Council carries out quarterly inspections of all the areas. During the inspections we are looking for any trees or shrubs that may be diseased or present a danger. We also look for any fly tipping and any potential encroachments on to the land. We will also inspect the areas following heavy winds and storms.

All areas are professionally inspected annually by a tree surgeon. The tree surgeon will identify areas that may present a safety risk or they will identify and make note of diseased trees. Their report forms the basis of our maintenance plan.

When planning and conducting the maintenance works, we are mindful that the areas are home to an extensive range of wildlife, insects, birds etc. So, we take this into consideration when we plan our works.

Braeside Recreation Park
This is a large, grassed area on Braeside Road. It has some trees and small shrubs bordering its northern edge. It can be accessed from Braeside Road, Lions Wood and from the Village Hall car park. The playpark is situated on the eastern boundary and was fully refurbished in 2021. We visually inspect the playpark weekly and have it professionally inspected monthly. An annual inspection is also carried out.

Braeside Glade
This is a strip of land that forms a footpath linking Braeside Road to Ivy Close. It has a considerable number of ditches on its northern boundary which feed into drainage culverts which in turn take surface water away to main drains. Despite the drainage in place the ground can still become fairly boggy in the winter. In the summer it has an abundance of blackberries on its perimeter. We face a constant battle keeping the ditches clear and the goat willow cut down to a manageable level.

Ivy Copse
This forested area is in Ivy Close. It has a considerable number of Scots Pines, which often need regular maintenance as they drop their lower limbs. The copse is not accessible internally and is kept purely for wildlife to flourish. Ivy Copse is also home to quite an unusual species of miniature orchid. In the summer it can be found growing in the grass and needs protecting to prevent the grasscutter from cutting it down.

Spinney Copse
This is a forested area located in the middle of a group of houses near Heath Road. Access can be gained from Spinney Close, Sylvan Close, Gorse Close, Conifer Close and Willow Close. The copse is not particularly large, but it does have an extensive network of footpaths and is a very peaceful place. In the summer it can be very attractive with many interesting and colourful species of flora and fauna.

Jubilee Copse
This is a small, forested area on the northern edge of Ashley Drive South. It is similar in size and make up as Spinney Copse. It has lovely footpaths and many trees. In the summer it can be extremely peaceful and the trees offer considerable shading from summer sun.

Horton Recreation Park
This is a large grassed area used mainly for sports and football. It is bordered on one side by a large ditch and on the other side by a footpath that leads down from St Ives Park to Horton Road. By crossing Horton Road as you exit the park you can then easily access Moors Valley Country Park. The park is also classified as a village green and its layout has not changed for a great many years.

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