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Thankfully the immediate crisis of the corona virus has passed, of course we remain covid19 alert for safety and health consciousness. During the past months the members of Rotary Club of Bournemouth (RCB) have taken the lockdown as an opportunity to embrace technology and re-strategise its annual club activities. Not even the current pandemic could thwart the efforts of RCB. Rotary is alive and well particularly here in Bournemouth.

It was in 1905 in downtown Chicago, USA that the idea of Rotary came into being. Paul Harris an attorney met with three friends to discuss how best they could replicate the missing feeling of friendship they had each experienced from their family, friends and work colleagues back home and at the same time involve themselves with charitable projects.

A handful of years later across the pond on the south coast in 1918 following in the same vein as the Chicago based club, my Rotary Club was set up in Bournemouth. Today RCB is the grandfather of most of the Dorset clubs and proudly boasts a dynamic and diverse membership of professional men and women keen to support the idea of eradicating world spread polio, to rally round during crisis with humanitarian help within local communities and abroad. ‘Service Above Self’ and leadership education are part of the Rotary ethos as well as organising various fund-raising activities, enjoying lifelong friendships and social events.

RCB has this year taken on the challenge to embrace technology. During the enforced national lockdown the Club held meetings on line, opened an online video channel, has digitally developed its monthly newsletter and is taking it’s Centenary Club Book ‘Time Travel with Bournemouth Rotary’ to the next level from paperback format to an electronic edition with another fund raising book coming out in late November.

Membership is also open to Business Partners who bring extended reach to the Club. So too do the numerous charities we support. This July the Club donated a substantial sum to Combat Stress and I had the honour of presenting a copy of our book.

We meet regularly each month as a club both at lunch time for those who are able to attend, and evening meetups geared to accommodate working members. Perhaps you’d like to visit us one day soon. You can contact our club secretary via the website

Yours in Rotary
PaTrisha Todd