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Introducing a brand new website that brings the sounds of The New Forest to everyone during this difficult time, wherever they are.

If you, or someone you know is stuck indoors self-isolating, or shielding from the virus yet longing for the natural world outside, then perhaps I can help. Connect up some speakers or pop on a set of headphones, and let New Forest Sounds bring the forest to you. Close your eyes and immerse yourself in some beautiful organic sounds that I’ve recorded over the years. When you can’t visit the National Park because of the current restrictions, this is the next best thing.

Research suggests that bringing the sounds of nature into your life during these difficult times can do the power of good; it’s been proven to genuinely reduce anxiety and stress levels. You’ll find a wealth of different natural sounds and restorative ambient music on this entirely free, not-for-profit website just waiting for you to explore.

So, New Forest Sounds invites everyone wherever they are to immerse themselves in the sounds of The New Forest National Park again. From bubbling streams, birdsong and natural sounds, to the bustle of our villages. There are field-recorded soundscapes, together with interesting sound art pieces the have been manipulated from forest sounds and then handmade into something new. Added to that you’ll find quiet and pensive ambient music that is 100% forest inspired to produce its relaxing effect.

I hope you’ll find useful and enjoyable. Please spread the word far and wide so that everyone possible can enjoy the sound of natural world again during this difficult time. You may have seen me on the BBC Television News talking about the website.

Clive Brooks, Brockenhurst, New Forest