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Daichi takes us to The Dorset Show!

Daichi The Dashing Dude, our much-loved campervan, was missed last month. Certainly, one lady was quite upset that he had not taken us anywhere as we were too busy sailing the ocean waves around Alaska. Daichi himself had felt quite jilted and although he seemed ‘happy’ we had enjoyed ourselves, there was that little ‘frost’ in the air when he acknowledged ‘how pleased he was for us’. These Japanese vans do have a way about them…

Back on the Road again!

Well this month he was determined to make it up and he took us somewhere we had never been before – The Dorset Show. Yes! The Dorset Show. Can you believe it, we have never been. How ridiculous is that? I am sure that Daichi thought he could compete with all those immaculately dressed stallions.  He rather fancied himself being groomed and brushed down. Or maybe it was all those jodhpurs and long leather boots, but that is going a little far as it is a family magazine after all. Daichi, really.

Ideal for travelling

The day was filled with blues skies and some of our wonderful fluffy white clouds. My Mum and Dad came with us as Mum was celebrating her 75th Birthday and my Dad of 84 drove all the way from Hull for the special weekend. What better way than for Daichi to take us all out? One thing to mention here is that when Daichi was kitted out with all his new (designer of course) interior, we made sure there were three seats in the back, not two. We find this useful as the three of us can go out, with another couple. It also means the bed is wider when it rolls out, though the cupboards are a little narrower, so we had the fridge fitted under the back seat to give us more space for the cupboards. Clever!

We arrived

Off we all set. Daichi grinning from wheel to wheel.  It was busy! The car park was full. On arriving in the showground there were thousands of people walking around the stalls, eating and drinking at the many food places and looking for bargains in the market area. We love the atmosphere at these events. There is something quite special about our English country shows and this was no exception. We were lucky enough to have tickets for the member’s lawn, so we found perfect seats right next to the fence to watch the horses and their riders give us a show of their lives. They all looked so handsome and fine.

Amazing Jumps

The winning jump of the six-bar event was a spectacular 5 foot 10 high! We have photo of the last leap. It was so exciting. “The Osborne Refrigerators Double Harness Scurry Class” was such fun. Nearly as nifty as Daichi on those country roads, the horse speeded between cones, in and out, left and right, to be the fastest to the finish line with no faults. That must be really exhilarating to take part in. Daichi is looking into it… oh oh…

Sheer Elegance

The elegance of the “Coaching Marathon Class” in comparison showed Daichi the sedate life of the rich in the past. It evoked images of young ladies whiling away their hours in their long lacey gowns, waiting for their Prince to sweep them off their feet. Daichi is getting all romantic now. Beautiful, graceful, stylish and wonderful to watch. The judges really have to know what they are looking for to pick a winner from such a polished class.

Spectacular Leaps

Quite different and very much in contrast was the “Adrenaline Tour Motorbike Stunt Show”. How skilled are these riders in flying their bikes high in the air, screaming off on two wheels, flipping their machines at right angles. Wow. I am really am hoping that Daichi does not get any ideas on this, or we may feel like we are all at sea again!


What a fantastic day. Of course, a ‘little’ shopping had to be done and Dad bought me my Birthday present (shush don’t remind him it is not til December…). A lovely handcrafted bird bath. I also bought a leather door stop which I am rather fond of. Mum and Dad loved the whole day too. Daichi was as proud as punch that we enjoyed ourselves so much.

Always Dashing!

On the way home I did see him looking at himself admiringly, at the reflection in a shop window. I am sure he saw the muscles of a Mustang or was it the strength of a Steed? Daichi was in his element. So were we.  Where will he take us next month I wonder?

Debbie Corney